Canadian Japanese-Mennonite Scholarship

The Canadian Japanese-Mennonite Scholarship is a $2,000 scholarship available to a student who is Canadian or a landed immigrant, enrolled in a graduate degree program in Canada, doing research that will assist the protection of minority or human rights.

History and Purpose of the Scholarship
The scholarship was created as a tangible symbol of cooperation between Canadian Japanese and Canadian Mennonites, subsequent to a formal apology that was offered to Canadian Japanese, by MCC Canada on behalf of Canadian Mennonites.

It is intended to assist the protection of minority and human rights in Canada, and to reduce the potential for abuse of cultural minorities such as that suffered by Japanese Canadians during World War II.

The scholarship is co-sponsored by the National Association of Japanese Canadians (NAJC) and Mennonite Central Committee Canada (MCCC).

Selection Criteria
The $2,000 scholarship is awarded to a student who is:

  • Enrolled in a graduate degree program.
  • A Canadian citizen or landed immigrant studying at a university in Canada.
  • Engaged in research that will assist the protection of minority or human rights in Canada.

Applications must be received by April 1, 2012 to be considered.

Please visit the website for more information.