Call for applications: Joussot-Dubien Award 2013

The Graduate School of Engineering for Chemistry, Biology and Physics in Bordeaux (ENSCBP), which is part of the Bordeaux Institute of Technology (IPB), is publishing its annual call for applications for the Joussot-Dubien award. We are seeking candidates with an excellent curriculum and who are currently studying Chemistry or Food Science in a country other than France. The award of 10000 euros should help them to cover their living costs for one year of studies at ENSCBP. The candidate’s level of education should correspond to a bachelor degree or higher. They can enter our graduate school at the 4th or 5th year level of higher education.

  •  Amount of the award : 10000 euros
  •  Who can apply : Students currently studying outside of France and having already obtained a bachelor level in Chemistry (Physical-Chemistry, Materials Science, Polymers, Analytical Chemistry) or Food Science.
  •  Deadline : 1 May 2013 
  •  Starting date of studies : September 2013
  •  Place of studies : ENSCBP Bordeaux, France

One of the different options the awardee can choose of, is to enroll for the Master of Science Micro- and Nanotechnology which is entirely in English.

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